How to Screen Yourself for Breast Cancer – الفحص الذاتى بالمنزل لسرطان الثدى من دفاتر الدكتور / أسامه فؤاد شعلان

Dr Usama Fouad Shaalan MD;PhD

How to Screen Yourself for Breast Cancer
every 2 years for females age 50 and over. A national average of 72% of women age 52 to 69 goes in for regularly exams. Women as young as 30 years old may want to consider scheduling a first mammogram for a baseline image, especially if you have had children, cyst, or any other issues regarding your breast. Knowing your family health history can be a good indicator of when men or women should have their first breast exam.
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If you are a woman and you are still having a period, schedule your mammogram during the 10 days AFTER your period stops. The week of your period and the week just before your period, your breast may be too painful and tender for the compression imaging machine.
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Before your exam, stay away from salt and make sure you are fully hydrated with plenty of water. Stay away from caffeine and coffee just before your exam as they can make your breast sensitive and tender to the touch. Many clinics ask that you shower but do not use under arm deodorant before your exam.
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As for a physical exam, check monthly for any appearance of skin dimpling or skin puckering, hard patches of breast tissue, a new indentation of the nipple, and other changes in the appearance of the nipple or breast skin, such as redness, discharge or scaling or lumps under the skin. Don’t forget to check the side under your arm and in your arm pit as well.
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Breast cancer is often diagnosed after a lump or thickening of the breast tissue is discovered. 17 % of breast cancer cases in men are inherited, whereas the same figure for women is 5-10 percent. Other inherited genes may also increase your risk; therefore knowing your family history is very important is fighting breast cancer for both sexes.